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(1) FRATMEN TV - "solo masturbation"
The Fratmen.TV site has been renamed FRATMENĀ®, and the all NEW version still has the same hot men, the same beautiful photographs and the same erotic videos, but in a NEW, more stylish and useful presentation. One thing hasn't changed though. FRATMEN still has the hottest guys... period.
(2) FRATPAD - "webcam house"
There's nothing quite like the sexy, silly, naked, stupid bromances of the "Pad". It's a bunch of mostly-straight, ab-tastically hot, college-age guys living in an enormous fake-Tuscan mansion in Arizona. You won't find any phony frat hazing here ;)
(3) FratmenSUCKS - "kissing & blowjobs"
It's no secret that most of the performers for FRATMEN are straight boys, but a lot of people seem to want to watch straight boys suck cock. FratmenSUCKS! isn't hard core, but if your traffic loves the FRATMEN "look", and loves to watch passionate kissing and blowjobs, FratmenSUCKS! is the site...